VIDEO: A Legacy of Support for Nuclear Physics at Notre Dame

Author: Joanne Fahey


The University of Notre Dame has a long legacy of excellence in nuclear physics research, beginning in 1937 with its first successful experiments accelerating particles. Since then, Notre Dame has continued to invest in nuclear physics, building a preeminent nuclear physics laboratory on campus, while also contributing to research projects and resources, such as the CASPAR project in South Dakota, FRIB at Michigan State University, and CARIBU at Argonne National Laboratory. With a distinctive history and continuing growth trajectory, Notre Dame’s nuclear physicists are working to discover the evolution of a star’s lifecycle – how do they live? how do they die? and how does this contribute to the evolution of the cosmos?

Speaking about both the collaborative environment and the momentum of Notre Dame’s Nuclear Science Laboratory, Ani Aprahamian, Freimann Professor of Experimental Nuclear Physics, said, “Although Notre Dame has been at the forefront of nuclear physics research for more than 80 years, we recognize that it is not just one individual researcher, one area of study, or even one university that is making contributions and advances on its own. We are committed as a research group to truly joining nuclear physics research here at Notre Dame with theory, with astrophysics, and with astronomy, but most especially with our collaborators around the world - from Michigan to Finland, Chicago to Italy, and more - in order for us all to advance and expedite the important nuclear physics discoveries being made.”

Alongside colleagues Daniel Bardayan, Associate Professor of Physics, Manoel Couder, Assistant Professor of Physics, and Rebecca Surman, Associate Professor of Physics, Aprahamian speaks about some of the ongoing research projects at the Nuclear Science Laboratory at Notre Dame in a new video. 

To watch the video, which is part of the Advancing Research series, and learn more about Nuclear Physics at Notre Dame, please click here.

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