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Notre Dame-Bruker partnership promotes advancements in imaging

p(image-right). ! PET, SPECT and CT images from the Albira at the Notre Dame In Vivo Imaging Facility)! The University of Notre Dame has established a formal partnership with "Bruker Corp.":, a world leader in scientific instrumentation. The partnership will...

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Center for Social Concerns launches series on hyper-incarceration

p(image-right). ! for Social Concerns "Hyper-Incarceration" series)! 1963 was a pivotal year in this country’s civil rights movement. In April of that year, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” On June 12, civil rights activist Medgar...

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Mosquitoes smell you better at night, study finds

p(image-right). ! female Anopheles gambia mosquito seen at 125x magnification (© David Scharf/Science Faction/Corbis))! In work published this week in "Nature: Scientific Reports":, a team of researchers from the University of Notre Dame’s "Eck Institute for Global Health":, led by...

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Research by ND sociologist Christian Smith helps shape nationwide Catholic initiative

p(image-right). ! Smith)! ""Strong Catholic Families, Strong Catholic Youth":," an initiative that brings Catholic parishes and schools together with Catholic families to strengthen and deepen their faith, is now active in some 60 dioceses in the United States and Canada....

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Astronomers utilize Hubble Space Telescope to find source of Magellanic Stream

p(image-right). ! companion images show wide and close-up views of a long ribbon of gas called the Magellanic Stream, which stretches nearly halfway around our Milky Way galaxy)! University of Notre Dame astronomers "Nicolas Lehner": and "Christopher Howk":, along with...

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