Launch of Analysing and Researching Ireland, North and South (ARINS)

Author: Mary Hendriksen

An initiative jointly developed and administered by the Royal Irish Academy and the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies is set to launch on Monday, January 11.

Called Analysing and Researching Ireland, North and South (ARINS), the project provides authoritative, independent and non-partisan research and analysis about constitutional, institutional, and policy options for Ireland, north and south, in a post-Brexit context.

The ARINS project brings together experts to provide evidence-based research and analysis on the most significant questions of policy and public debate facing the island of Ireland, north and south. The project will facilitate and disseminate research on the challenges and opportunities presented to the island in a post-Brexit context, with the intention of contributing to an informed public discourse.

Research and analysis will focus on three broad areas:

- Political, constitutional and legal questions
- Economic, financial, social and environmental questions
- Cultural and educational questions

The Royal Irish Academy (RIA) is an all-island body, founded in 1785, that brings together leading scholars and researchers from across the island of Ireland and overseas, and which already plays an active role in many areas of public policy.

The purpose of the RIA-Keough-Naughton Institute partnership is to plan, support, and communicate a wide-ranging programme of research. This research will be rigorous, non-partisan and independent, and will operate to the highest academic standards. The ARINS Project will commission and welcome research from a wide range of scholars in all relevant disciplines. In publishing and publicising that research, it will seek to support respectful debate among politicians, within the media and civil society, and among the general public.

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Originally published by Mary Hendriksen at on January 05, 2021.