VIDEO: Making an Impact with Sustainable Investing

Author: Tai Verbrugge

On Wednesday, April 12th of 2017, Fossil Free ND partnered with the Center for Social Concerns and the Minor in Sustainability to put on a panel titled Making an Impact with Sustainable Investing." It featured Notre Dame alum Bill Reilly, the First Vice President in Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch, as the keynote panelist while he assessed the financial aspects of divestment from fossil fuel companies and explored the role that an individual’s investment choices could play in the broader movement of divestment. He was joined on the panel by English Professor Laura Walls and student Cameron Hart, as a representative of Fossil Free ND. The panel was moderated by Professor Sam Miller, the director of the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship.

Attached below is the recording of the panel, please feel free to check it out and share it with any interested parties!

Originally published by Tai Verbrugge at on April 26, 2017.