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Author: Brandi Klingerman

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Notre Dame Research has launched a website for McCourtney Hall, The new website allows faculty, staff, and students to learn more about the 220,000 square foot building dedicated to research in the molecular sciences and engineering at the University of Notre Dame.

When discussing the site, Martinez (Tony) Cobb, facilities program director of McCourtney Hall, said, “This website offers many resources for booking rooms, looking up building guidelines, and much more. These tools will help Notre Dame Research better serve the faculty and researchers whose offices and labs are housed within McCourtney Hall.”

The website offers five other main pages, including a ‘Research’ tab. This section aims to showcase the molecular science and engineering work being done at McCourtney Hall as well as display the research areas and core facilities housed within the building.

Under the ‘About’ tab, users will find technical specifications, building guidelines, booking information, job opportunities, as well as a staff listing for those who help support the daily operations of McCourtney Hall. The website will provide insight to those interested in learning more about the building and will be a valuable tool for those who utilize McCourtney Hall and its facilities.

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Tony Cobb / Facilities Program Director of McCourtney Hall

Notre Dame Research / University of Notre Dame / 574.631.9763 

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Originally published by Brandi Klingerman at on March 30, 2017.