VIDEO: Notre Dame Research explores the Engineering and Design Core Facility

Author: Brandi Klingerman

At the University of Notre Dame, the Engineering and Design Core Facility (EDCF) provides design and related laboratory services to support experimental research endeavors in order to develop cutting-edge technologies. Led by Justin Crepp, associate professor of physics, and James Smous, lead engineer, the facility employs engineers with electrical, mechanical, optical, software, and systems engineering expertise. 

“At the EDCF, we want to enable world-class research by building custom instruments for faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and students,” said Crepp, director of the EDCF. “Our core facility engineers are prepared to come up with potential solutions and ideas, which in turn could lead to a new discovery.”

The EDCF aims to enhance the scope and pace of experimental programs in all areas of engineering and science across Notre Dame. The facility welcomes potential users from all departments from the University as well as external academic and industrial institutions. 

“Our facility can help with a breadth of steps in the equipment development process – from the development of new tools to the construction and testing project phases,” said Crepp. “I encourage researchers with questions about our services or those wanting to learn about more about what the EDCF can do to reach out to either me or James Smous.”

To learn more about the Engineering and Design Core Facility please watch this video, which is part of the Notre Dame Research Explores video series.


James Smous / Lead Engineer

Engineering and Design Core Facility / University of Notre Dame / 574.631.8127 

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