Maksym Zhukovskyi

TEM Program Director

TEM Program Director
+1 574-631-0226
233 Stinson-Remick Hall


Maksym Zhukovskyi joined Notre Dame Research in 2019 and is the Program Director of TEM imaging in the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility. He is responsible for the oversight of the TEM facility, developing protocols, methods, and procedures for use on the TEM instruments, maintaining instrumentation, as well as training individuals both internal and external to the University of Notre Dame. Maksym also provides administrative support to the Director of the NDIIF, as well as other senior leadership.

Before joining NDR, Maksym earned a PhD with a major in surface chemistry and nanomaterials from the University of Notre Dame. In general, his strengths lie in the colloidal synthesis, modification and characterization of novel low dimensional inorganic nanomaterials for optical, electronic, and photocatalytic applications.