Michael Wentzel

Turbomachinery Designer

Turbomachinery Designer
+1 574-631-9745
202 Turbomachinery Laboratory, 1165 Franklin Street, Suite 200


Michael Wentzel was born in South Bend, Indiana. During his time at LaSalle High School one of the classes he enjoyed was drafting. After a year and a half, his teacher recommended him to the instructor of the ICT group, which placed students with work in the trade industry. Soon after, he interviewed for a job using AutoCAD. Never having used AutoCAD during his classes in school, he ended up getting the job in October 1984 and has been using various CAD systems his whole career.

Outside of work, Mike spent his early years bowling and spending time with his family. Now in his later years, he still spends time with the family and travels with his wife, Kathie. All though they do not travel far, he enjoys exploring places they have never been.

During the summer months, he spends time at his in-law’s cottage at the lake, watching the boats and others fishing. He enjoys the peaceful time at the lake, especially in the mornings when it is quiet. Overall, Mike is dedicated to his work and family.