Prakash Nallathamby

Associate Director

Associate Director
+1 574-631-7868
B02D McCourtney Hall


Prakash is a nanoparticle engineer (h-index 20) with more than 12 years of multidisciplinary expertise in synthesis of nanomaterials, biomedical imaging, cancer biology, nanotoxicology, and targeted therapeutics/ diagnostics. Contact me for collaborations, partnerships, and consulting opportunities. The driving force behind my research is to make nanoparticle-based technologies accessible to all research groups. Prakash uses unique interdisciplinary research experience with nanoscale sensor materials, to elucidate inter-cell trafficking and defense mechanisms of abnormal cells (e.g., cancer, MDR bacteria) with the aim of exploiting this knowledge for early detection and targeted therapies. He has secondary research interests in nanotoxicology and scaling up the synthesis of nanomaterials from lab scale to pilot scale with a niche focus on anisotropic and Janus nanoparticles. He has tertiary interests in the application of plasmonic nanomaterials in the field of metamaterials, sensors, catalysis and improving the efficiency of renewable energy sources. Prakash has won multiple awards as a consultant for Innocentive (a crowd-sourced initiative by former Eli Lilly scientists), and he is a successful applicant for research grants in an academic setting. His combined work experience in industry, academics and as a consultant gives him a diverse skill set that makes him highly adaptable and allows him to work strongly in an individual as well as in a team setting, As part of his research, he has published more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles, been cited more than 2500 times, co-authored 1 book chapter, and patented 7 applications.