Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Symposium: Civic Science & Ethics in the Age of AI: Building Trust

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Location: Downes Ballroom (View on map )

This symposium aims to bridge the widening gaps between academia and the public when it comes to the public understanding of science. It brings together many stakeholders to explore innovative strategies for effective science communication and public engagement. The symposium will cover various aspects of civic science such as fostering dialogue, improving accessibility and inclusivity, enhancing science literacy, and building trust between scientists and the public. By sharing experiences, best practices, and cutting-edge research, the symposium aims to foster collaboration and develop actionable strategies to bridge the gaps between the public and academia in the public understanding of science.

During the symposium, we will learn about building trust with audiences in the age of AI. Through a variety of sessions participants will learn about the science behind better communicating science with different audiences and take away practical ideas for demonstrating broader impacts of their research as well as how to communicate science with a variety of audiences.

Hosted by the University of Notre Dame, a private research university in the United States, the PCST Indiana Symposium will provide practical applications for researchers, scientists and practitioners alike.

The Symposium will include a variety of presentation formats including keynote sessions sparked by invited conversations, panel discussions, workshops, poster presentations, and alternative methods of communicating science through art.

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