Notre Dame Research announces Internal Grant Awardees

Author: Brandi Klingerman


The Faculty Research Support Program provides seed funding for new or ongoing research


Twenty-three faculty members were recently awarded grants through the Notre Dame Research Faculty Research Support Program. Recipients applied for either the initiation or regular grants and were from all seven colleges and schools. 

In discussing the awards, Hildegund Müller, associate vice president for research, said, “It is a privilege to be able to support these exceptional faculty members and their research programs. The recipients represent a variety of disciplines across campus and highlight some of the diverse areas of research, scholarship, and creative endeavor here at Notre Dame.”

For the 2017 Faculty Research Support Regular Grant Program, the recipients are:

  • Thomas E. Burman, the Conway Director of Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute and professor of history, for his research entitled, “A Sustaining Polemic in the Medieval Mediterranean.”
  • James Collins, department chair and professor of film, television, and theatre, for his research called the “Digital Reanimation of a Legendary Stage and Film Performance: Phases II and III.”
  • William Collins Donahue, the John J. Cavanaugh, C.S.C. Professor of the Humanities, Carsten Dutt, associate professor of German, and Mark W. Roche, the Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C. Professor of German, for their program entitled, “The Notre Dame Berlin Seminar: Toward a Global History of Literary Institutions.”
  • Robin M. Jensen, the Patrick O’Brien Professor of Theology, for her research entitled, “Baptisteries of the Early Christian World: Catalog and Digital Database.”
  • Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, professor of English, for her research called, “Recovering the Multidimensional Reading Practices of Medieval England and Ireland.”
  • Khachatur Manukyan, research assistant professor of physics, for his program entitled, “Uncovering Pre-federal American Monetary History through the Multiscale Scientific Analysis of Coins and Paper Currency.”

For the 2017 Faculty Research Support Initiation Grant Program, the awardees are: 

  • Susan Blum, professor of anthropology, for her research entitled, “Assessing Authentic Nonformal Learning in Project-, Problem-, and Placed-Based Internships.”
  • James R. Brockmole, associate professor and associate dean for the social sciences and research, and Abigail Wozniak, associate professor of economics, for their research called, “The Effect of Handgun Access on Social Decision-making.”
  • Giles E. Duffield, associate professor of biological sciences, for his program called, “Circadian Control of Blood Feeding Behavior in the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles farauti.”
  • David Flagel, assistant director of the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center – West, for his research entitled, “Generation of Anti-Predator Behaviors in White-tailed Deer using Gray Wolf Olfactory and Vocal Cues.”
  • Paul Gao, Viola D. Hank Associate Professor of Finance, for his “Study of Resolution of Municipal Bankruptcies under the Chapter 9 of U.S. Bankruptcy Code.”
  • Daniel Hobbins, associate professor of history, for his research called, “In the Shadow of Scribes: The Pursuit of Authorship in Medieval Europe, 1100-1500.”
  • Michael Hoffman, assistant professor of political science, for his program entitled, “Political Religion and Sectarianism in the Arab World.”
  • Tamara Kay, associate professor of global affairs and sociology, for her research called, “Innovating and Diffusing a Healthcare Model: The Case of Project ECHO.”
  • Sergey Leonov, research professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, for his research entitled, “Phase Transformation in Nanostructured High Energy Density Materials under Impact of a Controlled Converging Shock Wave.”
  • Mark McKenna, associate dean for faculty research and development, professor of law, as well as Notre Dame Presidential Fellow, for his program entitled, “Investigating Design.”
  • Thomas V. Merluzzi, professor of psychology, for his research called, “Lost in Transition: A Pilot Study of Cancer Patients in the Process of Transitioning from Active Treatment to Survivorship.”
  • Alessandro Pierattini, assistant professor of architecture, for his research entitled, “Origins of the Greek Temple: 8th-7th Century B.C.”
  • Rory Rapple, associate professor of history, for his program entitled, “Defining and Illuminating English Political Thought and Thinking, 1547-1603.”
  • Nathan Rose, assistant professor of psychology, and G.A. Radvansky, professor of psychology, for their research for, “Using Interactive Virtual Environments to Explore Memory and Cognition.”
  • Tiffanie Stewart, research scientist at NDnano, for her research entitled, “The Use of Magnetoelectric Nanoparticles (MENs) as Carrier Vehicles to Enable Pervasive Drug Infiltration into Ovarian Cancer Multicellular Aggregates (MCAs).”

The grant programs are announced during the autumn semester each year, with deadlines typically occurring in December. For more information about the Faculty Research Support Program, including how to apply, please visit  


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