Research Administration Training Program

What is ResearchWise?


ResearchWise is a new initiative to help staff members working in research administration and other research-related roles, to better understand the reasons behind certain policies and procedures as well as stay up to date with the ever-changing federal requirements that impact research. The program is aimed at preparing research administrators to perform their roles well and provide professional development opportunities.

Your participation in ResearchWise training sessions ensures that we can maintain our stewardship responsibilities to the University and funding sponsors while gaining an appreciation of the implications of certain actions.

You will receive the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to perform your role efficiently and

effectively. You will feel confident in your ability to answer the most common questions that you will encounter in your role. In addition to the skills and knowledge you will gain, you will also have the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals who can provide a campus-wide network of resources beyond the training sessions, ultimately creating a unified culture of learning, sharing, and growth for research at Notre Dame.

Components that make up ResearchWise:

Online Training Resources

SRAI LevelUp

The University of Notre Dame is pleased to partner with the Society of Research Administrators (SRA) International in offering the LevelUP program to Research Administrators and associated roles throughout the university.

CITI Program

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is a consortium of universities that provides convenient and comprehensive online training modules, for all faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral scholars in a variety of research areas.

The United States Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Council offers free Grants Training 101 modules designed to provide Federal officials a basic knowledge training on grants and cooperative agreements. The training is not designed to provide detailed administrative, accounting and audit requirements that are specific to programs based on their statutory provisions, agency regulations and guidance. Thus, this training should be supplemented by materials that are specific to agency guidance and requirements.

  • Module 1 - Laws, Regulations and Guidance:
  • Module 2 - Financial Assistance Mechanisms
  • Module 3 - Uniform Guidance Administrative Requirements
  • Module 4 - Cost Principles
  • Module 5 - Risk Management and Single Audit

National Science Foundation Resources: Virtual Grants Conference Sessions

National Institutes of Health Resources

National Council of Research Administrators (NCURA) Resources

Additional Resources

NDRAC maintains a library of policy guidelines, forms, and codes needed for proposal preparation, award management, compliance, and more:

Helpful resources offered by other departments are listed below.

Those who are interested in job-specific training are encouraged to explore opportunities offered by professional associations for research administrators.

Need More Information?

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