The Research Development (RD) Team is available to assist faculty in developing a successful research portfolio.

The RD Team can provide faculty with expert guidance on connecting to potential resources, collaborators, and funding, as well as cultivating relationships with federal, state, and corporate funding agencies.

The team also serves Notre Dame faculty by helping to develop high quality, competitive proposals that lead to success. As part of the proposal development services offered by Notre Dame Research, the team can assist individual faculty or faculty teams with complex proposals, including reviews by technical experts.

 The full suite of services offered include:

  • Hosting of federal agency program officers on campus.
  • Visits to federal funding agencies to discuss faculty research interests.
  • Connecting faculty to proposal development specialists at all phases of developing a proposal.
  • Providing technical proposal reviews, or reviews by federal or military advisors, prior to submission.
  • Grant writing workshops.
  • Support for development of large, complex proposals or multi-institutional proposals.
  • Advising faculty on how to build a successful research program.
  • Other support services, as appropriate. (Please contact the Research Development Program Director to discuss.)

Meet the Team

  1. Heather H. Boyd

    Research Development Program Director

  2. Patricia L. Clark

    Associate Vice President for Research, Biophysics Instrumentation Core Facility Faculty Director

  3. Karen Deak

    Academic Advancement Director

Research Development Working Group

The RD Team consists of federal and military research agency advisors, as well as proposal development specialists. The RD Team works closely with the following offices at the University, including:

Need More Information?

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