The University of Notre Dame’s research compliance program provides information, guidance, expertise, and administrative support in order to meet the laws, rules, and policies governing research in the most efficient and effective way.

Notre Dame Research (NDR) is responsible for:

  • Communicating procedures and responsibilities to individual researchers through timely and appropriate education.
  • Upholding University researchers to the highest of standards, including understanding the responsibilities of research.
  • Designing standards and policies that effectively enable researchers to meet federal and institutional requirements.

NDR has policies and guidelines on the following areas:

Meet the Team

  1. Peyton Banks

    Compliance Education Program Coordinator

  2. Holly Bizoe

    Compliance Administrative Assistant

  3. Lori Doll

    Research Policy and Compliance Program Director

  4. Eric Felde

    Research Compliance Director

  5. Swarna Pothur

    IRB Coordinator

  6. Liz Rulli

    Associate Vice President for Research

  7. Scott Thompson

    Regulated Research Program Director

  8. Christina Zimmerman

    IACUC and IBC Program Coordinator

Need More Information?

For general questions on Notre Dame Research Compliance, please email Please also review Frequently Asked Questions about Compliance.

For relevant forms, codes, and policies, please visit the Resource Library

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