The Notre Dame Research Project Management Team (RPM) is focused on delivering sophisticated and concierge level service to the Notre Dame research community. Working in collaboration with the units of the Notre Dame Research Administration and Compliance group, our team of research project managers assist faculty and other stakeholders with the complex management and oversight of research and research related endeavors. The RPM team can help faculty and others to navigate any task in the research administration lifecycle. Collectively the RPM team has significant Notre Dame and Research Administration experience, and we use this expertise to deliver customized, high impact service to support the continued growth of Notre Dame’s research enterprise.

Meet the Team

  1. Katie Cybulski

    Research Project Manager

  2. Melanie E. DeFord

    Assistant Vice President for Research

  3. Kathy Knoll

    Research Project Manager

  4. Cheryl Lee

    Research Project Manager

  5. Nicole Quartiero

    Research Project Management Director

Need More information?

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