Notre Dame Research provides support for the building management of a number of research buildings and resources across campus. All research buildings are overseen with the health and safety of Notre Dame’s researchers in mind. 


Dive into the cutting-edge resources and tools that amplify Notre Dame's research capabilities. Discover the assets that power our research endeavors.


Sonicu Lab Monitoring System

Notre Dame has adopted a state-of-the-art lab monitoring system called Sonicu.  Originating from a sensor application for sound management within neonatal intensive care units, Sonicu has evolved into a leading name in wireless monitoring systems. Based in central Indiana, Sonicu delivers automated monitoring with real-time data and insights. Sonicu provides machine-to-machine smart sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, and air pressure. In addition, Sonicu hardware includes other key benefits:

  • Monitor and acknowledge alarms from a mobile device
  • Experience extended sensor battery life
  • Access the system without a VPN connection

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Meet the Team

  1. Melanie E. DeFord

    Assistant Vice President for Research

  2. Megan Sheraton

    Research Technologies and Support Program Director

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    Jennifer Szymanowski

    Facility Staff Scientist

Research Buildings

Explore the architectural gems that make up the backbone of Notre Dame's research infrastructure. Each building has its unique history and specialized focus, fostering innovation and discovery across a variety of disciplines.

Flanner Hall

Flanner Hall

Built in 1969 as a men's residence, Flanner Hall was converted to academic offices in the 1990s. Today, Flanner is partially occupied by various research units, such as the Environmental Change Initiative, Institute for Advanced Study, the Center for Research Computing and the Engineering and Design Core Facility


Freimann Life Science Center

Opened in 1983, Freimann Life Science Center is comprised of two state-of-the-art animal facilities equipped to house a wide variety of vertebrates.


Harper Hall

Home of the Mike and Josie Harper Cancer Research Institute, Harper Hall was opened in 2011. The building serves as a novel collaboration between the University of Notre Dame and the Indiana University School of Medicine South Bend. To learn more about Harper Hall, watch this video. 


McCourtney Hall

Opened in 2016, McCourtney Hall is dedicated to research in the molecular sciences and engineering. Researchers from the Colleges of Engineering and Science have joined forces in the state-of-the-art building to tackle three key programmatic areas: analytical sciences and engineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering, and drug discovery. 


Raclin-Carmichael Hall

In addition to housing medical education programs for the IU School of Medicine South Bend, the second floor of Raclin-Carmichael Hall is home to the W. M. Keck Center for Transgene Research. Opened in 2005, the Hall also features research space with modern gross-anatomy laboratories.

Meet the Team

  1. Barry M. Cybulski

    Facilities Associate Program Director

  2. Melanie E. DeFord

    Assistant Vice President for Research

  3. Kevin Stout

    Facilities Associate Program Director