Equipment Restoration & Renewal - Previous Awardees

Year Award Recipient Description
2021 Austin Collins Replacement of machinery and equipment in the sculpture area within the Riley Hall of Art
2021 Ian Carmichael & Hoon Lee Replacement of the digital phosphor oscilloscopes
2021 Evgenii Kovrigin Restoration of a magnet monitoring unit of the Bruker Avance II 800
2021 Eric Matlis Upgrade the High Enthalpy Arc Tunnel at the Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research
2021 Cody Smith Infrastructure upgrade to enable effective light sheet microscopy services at the Integrated Imaging Facility.
2021 Peter Burns Replace the mechanical profilometer with a versatile optical profilometer
2021 Kyle Doudrick Replacement of the liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry system in the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility
2020 Jeffrey Chilcote Machinery Replacement and Upgrades for the Physics Machine Shop
2020 William Donaruma Specialized Digital Video Equipment & High-End Computers for Advanced Visual Research in Film, Television, Virtual Reality, and Education-Based Media
2020 Christopher Hinkle Dilution Refrigerator with Optical Accessibility for Experimental Quantum Information Science
2020 Paul Huber Replacement of a multi-user Nikon wide-field fluorescence microscope by an enhanced system with TIRF capability
2020 David Hyde Upgrade of the Nikon A1R confocal/multiphoton system within the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility
2020 Prashant Kamat Renewal and Upgrade of XPS to Add Comprehensive Band Gap Characterization
2020 Yahya Kurama Expansion of campus particle sizing capabilities
2020 Shahriar Mobashery Refurbishing the Analytical Ultracentrifuge in the Biophysics Instrumentation Core (BIC) Facility
2020 Tom Pratt Restoration and Upgrade of a 16 GB digital Sampling Scope
2020 Daniel Robertson Replacement of Vital Magnet Power Supplies for Continued Reliable Operations of the Notre Dame Nuclear Science Laboratory
2020 Jeff Spoonhower Specialized Post Production, Sound Design, and Music Scoring Equipment for Creative and Scholarly Research
2019 Merlin Bruening Isothermal Titration Calorimetry to Biophysics Instrumentation Core Facility
2019 Stanislav Gordeyev High-speed camera for dual-camera flight test experiments
2019 Gregory V. Hartland Ultrafast amplified Ti:Sapphire Laser System
2019 Mijoon Lee Replacing Bruker MicrOTOF-II Instrument in the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility
2019 Khachatur Manukyan Upgrade two powder diffractometers
2019 Clive Neal Replace the electron microphobe facility
2019 Jennifer Schaefer Expansion of campus soft and biological material sample preparation
2019 Emily Tsui Renewal of an electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer for the Magnetic Resonance Research Center
2018 Daniel Bardayan Restoration of Equipment in the Nuclear Science Laboratory
2018 Justin R. Crepp, David Futa Machinery Replacement and Upgrades in the Physics Machine Shop
2018 Richard Gray, William Donaruma, Ian Kuijt Digital Video Equipment for Advanced Visual Research in Anthropology, Film, Television & Photography
2018 Jason McLachlan Upgrades to the Hank Wing Greenhouse and Environmental Control Chambers
2018 Sergei Rouvimov Renovation of Analytical Capability (EDS) in the FEI Titan Transmission Electron Microscope 
2018 Na Wei Expansion of Campus Trace Gas Detection and Identification Capabilities
2017 Satish Adusumilli Steam Sterilizer at the Freimann Life Science Center
2017 Patricia L. Clark Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography Systems for the New Biophysics Instrumentation Core
2017 Michael Elwell Digital Visualization and Fabrication Upgrades
2017 Holly Goodson Instrumentation for a Biophysics Core Facility
2017 Allen Oliver Renewal of an X-ray Diffractometer Monochromator and Associated Stereomicroscope
2017 Alan Seabaugh Upgrade and Enhance a Spectroscopic ​Photocurrent ​Measurement System
2017 David Severson Renewal of the Galvin Life Sciences Third Floor Insectaries
2017 Matthew Webber Replacement and Expansion of Campus Soft Materials Characterization Capabilities
2016 Daniel Bardayan Restoration and Installation of a World-Class Spectrometer for Nuclear Physics Experiments at the Notre Dame Nuclear Science Laboratory
2016 Austin I. Collins Sculpture Department Equipment Restoration and Renewal
2016 Ken Kuno Notre Dame In-situ Electron Microscopy Laboratory (ND-IEML) –Beyond Static (materials-, device, and biological-) Imaging
2016 Michael Pfrender Renewal of the Notre Dame Next-Generation Sequencing Platform
2016 Ryan Roeder Acquisition of a Preclinical Spectral Micro-CT System
2016 Andrew Sommese Renewing our In-Silico Labs: Enabling Computationally Based Simulation and Analysis
2015 Joel Boerckel Replacement of Non-functional in vivo Microcomputed Tomography System
2015 William Boggess Replacing Obsolete Windows XP Based Data Systems on Instruments within the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility
2015 Thomas Corke Replacement of the Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor of the Hessert Laboratory High-Pressure Blow-Down Facility
2015 Patrick Fay Replacement of Dicing Saw for the Notre Dame Nanofabrication Facility
2015 Bertrand Hochwald Notre Dame Millimeter-Band Capability
2015 Bill Kremer Ceramics Department Equipment Restoration and Renewal
2015 Krupali Krusche Acquiring New Grounds in Laser Technology: New Methods of Innovative, Integrated, Multidisciplinary Documentation of World Heritage Monuments
2015 Yahya C. Kurama Acquisition of an Integrated High-Speed/High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Digital Image Correlation (3D-DIC) Instrument for Advanced Full-Field Response Monitoring of Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Systems
2015 Jarek Nabrzyski CRC High Performance Distributed Storage: Enabling Computationally Based Data Creation and Analysis
2015 Bradley D. Smith Upgrade of Three Electron Beam Devices in the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility
2014 Brian Baker A Flourescence Detection System for the Beckman XL-A Analytical Ultracentrifuge
2014 William Donaruma Green and Sustainable Lighting for Film, Theatre, and Photography
2014 Scott Emrich Replacement of the Notre Dame Bioinformatics Data Analysis Rig
2014 Stanislav Gordeyev High-Speed Camera for Aerospace Research
2014 Athanasia Panopoulos Obtaining a FACSCanto II Flow Cytometry Machine
2013 Matthew Champion Restoration and Renewal of the 5500 Series QTrap Hybrid Linear Ion-Trap in the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility
2013 Jason Hicks Enabling Solid State NMR Research through Conversion of a Dcommissioned Liquids 300 MHz NMR Spectrometer
2013 David Hyde Replacement of an Aging Workhorse Lecia Confocal Microscope within the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility
2013 Gregory Snider Notre Dame Ultra-Low Temperature Nanoelectronics: From Profligate to Provident
2013 Mark Suckow Vivarium Upgrades to Support Notre Dame's Translational Research
2012 Allen Oliver Upgrade and Renewal of an X-ray Diffractometer: From a Single-Source to a More Intense Dual-Source Instrument
2012 Alexander Mukasyan, Bradley Smith Replacement Transmission Electron
2012 Paul Down Non-Print Output Equipment and Machinery Required For the Design Faculty in the Department of Art, Art History & Design, College of Arts & Letters
2012 Jeremy Fein, Peter Burns, Patricia Maurice Acquisition of a Potentiometric
Autotitrator Instrument In Support of Environmental Surface Geochemistry Research
2012 Jim Merz, Douglas Hall, Alexander Mintairov Proposal to restore and time-resolved nano-optic spectroscopy capability
2012 Kay Stewart Restoration of Aquatic Equipment to Enhance Science and Assure Humane Care of Animals
2012 Stuart Jones, Jeremy Fein Renewal of CEST/UNDERC Gas Chromatography
2011 John Blacklow Steinway piano restoration and purchase
2011 Laura Carlson, Panos Antsaklis, Steve Batill The acquisition of a head-mounted virtual reality system for collaborative research at the interface between spatial cognition and engineering
2011 Tom Corke Equipment for high pressure turbine operation of the Notre Dame transonic turbine facility
2011 Michael Hildreth, Kevin Lannon, Colin Jessop, Randall Ruchti, Mitchell Wayne Virtual tier 3 for CMS: A template for leveraged computing
2011 Michelle Joyce Replacing the LC Packings Ultimate Nano High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph in the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility
2011 Matthew W. Leevy, Bradley Smith Albira Trimodal PET/SPECT/CT for Small Animal Nuclear Imaging
2011 John Tan Covaris sample preparation for next-generation sequencing and microarray applications
2011 Douglas Thain, Kevin Bowyer, Scott Emrich, Patrick Flynn, Jesus Izaguirre, Gregory Madey Replacement of the Data Intensive Science Cluster
2011 Jaroslav Zajicek Acquisition of a 400-MHz FT-NMR spectrometer