Year Award Recipient Description
2022 Ann-Marie Conrado Wisdom Traditions and the Practice of Design
2022 CJ Jones & Fr. Innocent Smith, OP (Saint Mary’s Seminary and University) The Medieval Liturgy of the Dominican Order: A New Edition of the Rubrics
2022 Matthew Kloser Exploring the Relationship Between Classroom Factors and Teacher Value-added Measures in High School Biology Classrooms
2022 Nuno Moniz & Don Brower The 20W Experiment: Machine Ability and Human Intelligence
2022 Samuel Rund & Yaw Afrane (University of Ghana) Demonstrating the feasibility of smart (digital) mosquito traps to replace human landing catches in experiments to understand mosquito bednet-avoiding circadian behaviors
2022 Clemens Sedmak, Maurizio Albahari, Eileen Hunt, Mary Keys, Karrie Koesel, Paul Perrin & Marek Babic (Catholic University in Ružomberok [Slovakia]) The Contribution of ‘Peripheries Research’ to European Studies
2022 Sophie White His Master’s Grace: Extrajudicial Violence, Punishment, and Mercy, A Digital Humanities Comparative Study of Britain and France’s Slave Societies
2021 John Betz & outside collaborators F.W.J. Schelling’s Philosophy of Revelation: A Critical Edition of the Original Lectures
2021 Kraig Beyerlein, Ricardo Martinez-Schuldt & Matthew Sisk The Promise of Finding Faith in Urban Areas: Novel Methods for Locating Chicago Congregations to Study Their Effects on Community Outcomes and Dynamics
2021 Katie Bugyis & Margot Fassler Women’s Rites: A Website for the Study of Christian Women’s Religious Communities in Medieval Europe, 900–1500
2021 Meredith S. Chesson, William Donaruma, Ian Kujit & outside collaborators Traditional Rural Lifeways, Sustainable Rural Futures: Historic and Contemporary Communities in the Bova region of southern Calabria, Italy, 1800 – 2021
2021 John Blacklow State-of-the-art audio equipment for national and international recordings
2021 Christopher Chowrimootoo Sacred Secularism: Music and religion in the 20th-century public sphere
2021 Korey Garibaldi & Emily Wang Reconsidering Race in the Age of Pushkin
2021 Brittany Solomon (Hall) Political Ideology and Ideological Bias in the Workplace: Unexplored Connections to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
2021 Matthew E.K. Hall Civil Discourse in the Workplace: Good for politics, good for business
2021 Robert Hughes Single-crystal gold films on glass as a novel platform for biosensors
2021 Victoria Tin-bor Hui Hong Kong voices in American politics
2021 Emmanuel Katongole Sowing Hope: Peace, ecology, and integral human development
2021 Julia Kowalski Relational representation? Retheorizing gender and democracy in north India
2021 Paul McGinn Master sintering curves for binder jet printing
2021 Kerry Meyers Engineering Education Summer Research Deep Dive: Women in Engineering
2021 Dana Moss When the ‘Means of Violence’ Rebel: Explaining dissent in the US military during the Vietnam War (1965–75)
2021 Olukola Owolabi Audio visual installation in the Reyes Organ and Choral Hall
2021 Xinxue (Shawn) Qu Digital privacy issues on mobile platforms
2021 Thien-Toan Tran Intelligent biosensor system to detect interstitial cystitis biomarkers
2021 Abigail Weaver Beyond micro: Real-time imaging of entire polymicrobial microbiomes to understand infection
2020 Seth Berry Measuring aversive racism through client-side paradata
2020 Jaimie Bleck Mapping Civil Society Organization in Mali: State counterweights or collaborators?
2020 La Donna L. Forsgren Mama, I Want to Sing!’: Queering the black musical theatre canon
2020 Therese Cory History of philosophy forum
2020 Chloe Gibbs Improving high school students’ post-secondary pathways
2020 Robert E. Norton The School of Wisdom: Hermann von Keyserling and the philosophy of life
2020 Ian Newman Song Stories: The ballad and its narrators
2020 Alexander Jech A Kierkegaard glossary
2020 Manuela Lahne Neurotransmitter-mediated signaling in Müller glia and neuronal progenitor cells in the adult regenerating zebrafish retina
2020 John Lalor Towards automatic generation of electronic health record note comprehension questions
2020 Ross Jacobucci Dynamic Multimodal Assessment of Suicide Risk: An initial application
2020 Kati Macaluso & Christine Trinter Exploring the influence of Catholic school teacher leaders in under-resourced schools
2020 Phillip Stepanian A real-time prediction system for forecasting insect emergence, dispersal, and swarming events on the Great Lakes.
2020 Wanpeng Tan Understanding the mirror sector of the universe
2019 Michael J. Cramer Role of ultrasonic vocalizations in communication in wild populations of deer mice
2019 Nan Z. Da Where have the Chinese literary critics gone?
2019 Karen Graubart Fugitive Blackness: Finding African diasporic self-governance in the early circum-Caribbean
2019 Thomas Mustillo The volatility of political attachments: A panel study of Mexicans
2019 John Onyango The impacts of choice of energy code compliance path on whole-building energy performance for residential buildings in St. Joseph County, Indiana
2019 Susan Ostermann Conservatives against imperialism? The causes and consequences of conservative nationalism in the post-colonial world
2019 Christine Venter Dissenting from the bench: Performative jurisprudence as a necessary part of a thriving democracy
2019 Qiping Xu Do higher taxes lead to brain drain? Evidence from state-level tax changes
2018 Yunjuan Bao Toward Discovery of Early Diagnostic Biomarkers for Skin and Nasal Diseases Caused by the Flesh-Eating Bacterium Streptococcus Pyogenes
2018 Alexander Beihammer “Medieval Smyrna/Izmir: The Transformations of a City and its Hinterland from Byzantine to Ottoman Times (twelfth-fifteenth centuries)
2018 Yong Cheng Defining the Mechanism of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria-Host Interaction in Cystic Fibrosis
2018 Kenneth Garcia Mining the Invisible
2018 Brian Krostenko Cataloguing the Medieval Latin Manuscripts of Poland
2018 Michael Macaluso Studying the Practices and Effects of Secondary English Teachers
2018 Tim Machan From Vinland to the Americas
2018 Sara L. Maurer Printed Communities: Religious Tracts and Readerly Connection in the Age Mass Literacy, 1785 –1875
2018 Prakash D. Nallathamby Inducing Tumor Self-Destruction Using Targeted Nanoparticles as an On-Off Switch
2018 Michael (Tzvi) Novick The Legal Arithmetic of Rabbinic Judaism
2018 Sergei Rouvimov In situ TEM of Phase Transformation in Nanostructured Materials
2018 Satyajyoti Senapati A Validation Study with CNT Based Platform for Selective and Sensitive Detection of Protein Biomarkers
2018 Brian Smith & Elizabeth Kerr Parameterizing Major Discernment for First and Second-Year Engineering Students
2017 Susan Blum Assessing Authentic Nonformal Learning in Project-, Problem-, and Placed-Based Internships
2017 James R. Brockmole & Abigail Wozniak The Effect of Handgun Access on Social Decision-making
2017 Giles E Duffield Circadian Control of Blood Feeding Behavior in the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles farauti
2017 David Flagel Generation of Anti-Predator Behaviors in White-tailed Deer using Gray Wolf Olfactory and Vocal Cues
2017 Paul Gao Study of Resolution of Municipal Bankruptcies under the Chapter 9 of U.S. Bankruptcy Code
2017 Daniel Hobbins In the Shadow of Scribes: The Pursuit of Authorship in Medieval Europe, 1100-1500
2017 Michael Hoffman Political Religion and Sectarianism in the Arab World
2017 Tamara Kay Innovating and Diffusing a Healthcare Model: The Case of Project ECHO
2017 Sergey Leonov Phase Transformation in Nanostructured High Energy Density Materials under Impact of a Controlled Converging Shock Wave
2017 Mark McKenna Investigating Design
2017 Thomas V. Merluzzi Lost in Transition: A Pilot Study of Cancer Patients in the Process of Transitioning from Active Treatment to Survivorship
2017 Alessandro Pierattini Origins of the Greek Temple: 8th-7th Century B.C.
2017 Rory Rapple Defining and Illuminating English Political Thought and Thinking, 1547-1603
2017 Nathan Rose & G.A. Radvansky Using Interactive Virtual Environments to Explore Memory and Cognition
2017 Tiffanie Stewart The Use of Magnetoelectric Nanoparticles (MENs) as Carrier Vehicles to Enable Pervasive Drug Infiltration into Ovarian Cancer Multicellular Aggregates (MCAs)
2016 Timothy Beers & Vinicius Placco Identification of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars from S-PLUS Photometry using Artificial Neural Networks
2016 Gary Bernstein & Marya Lieberman Rapid Thermal Processing of DNA Nanostructures on Silicon for Formation of Self-Aligning p-n Junctions
2016 Manuel Couder & Matt Smylie Cross-disciplinary Investigation of Increased Superconducting Current via Particle Irradiation
2016 Donald Crafton Digital Reanimation of a Legendary Film Performance: Phase I
2016 Sarah Daly Civilian Support for Political Actors with Coercive Legacies
2016 Hana Kang Language Learners’ Cognitive Processing and Production in Chinese and Korean Writings: The Analysis of Eye-Movement and Handwriting Tracking Data
2016 John Liberatore Extended Techniques, Interactive Electronics, and Musical Composition for Benjamin Franklin’s Glass Harmonica
2016 Jun Li Developing Statistical Methods for Cancer Research based on RNA-Seq and Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data
2016 Cheng Liu Hierarchical Deep Learning Modeling for Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment
2016 Karel Matous, Alexander Mukasyan & Alberto Salvadori BatterieX: Experiments, Modeling, Simulations towards the Design of Batteries under Extreme Conditions
2016 Miguel Morales Drug Resistance in Leishmania Clinical Isolates from India
2016 Amy Mulligan A Landscape of Words: Ireland, Britain and Spatial Poetics of the North Atlantic Archipelago from 700-1300
2016 Susanne Wengle Setting The Table, Market Regulations and Food Systems in Russia and the US: The Case of California
2015 Corey Angst Responsible IT Leadership in a Data-Driven World: A Proposal for a Cross-cultural New Research Initiative
2015 Neil Arner A Critical, Constructive, and Christian Response to Recent Evolutionary Accounts of Morality
2015 Christopher Ball Language and Landscape in Indigenous Amazonia: Mapping Cosmological and Political Dimensions
2015 Catherine Bolten Bushmeat, Disease, and Value: Chimpanzee as food, medicine and threat in Sierra Leone
2015 Liang Cai Reviving the Muted Bureaucrats and the Formation of China’s Early Imperial Bureaucracy
2015 Daniel Hungerman Constructing a Dataset of Catholic Parish Bulletins
2015 Fang Liu Integration of Differential Privacy and Data Synthesis to Protect Data Privacy
2015 Nicole McNeil Comparison of Three Early Math Interventions
2015 Alexei Orlov Power Clock Resonators for Reversible Computing
2015 Michael E. Pfrender Epigenetic Variation and the Response to Stressful Environments
2015 Julia Adeney Thomas Hope in the Hinterland: Alternative Economics and the Anthropocene
2015 Jada Benn Torres Race, Genetic Ancestry, and Disease Disparity: A Preliminary Study of Uterine Fibroids among American Women
2015 Kevin Vaughan StARD9 as a Novel Human Gene Responsible for Intracellular Cholesterol Transport
2015 Jerry Cheyung Wei Innovative Services through Manufacturing and Finance Integration:  A Study of the 3‐tiered Relationship between Buyer, Intermediary, and Supplier
2014 Christopher Baron The Herodotus Encyclopedia
2014 Thomas Gresik & Vijay Gupta Designing distributed sensor networks to address malicious attacks: Integrating engineering and mechanism design methodologies
2014 Kaifeng Jiang Does Leadership Make a Difference: The Moderating Effect of Service Leadership on the Relationship between High-Performance Work Practices and Retail Store Performance
2014 Danielle Joyner Landscapes and Medieval Arts
2014 Alexander G. Lappin Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2
2014 W. Matthew Leevy Patient-specific anatomical replicas for sinus surgery practice
2014 Mei Li A Cross Culture Comparison of Online Consumer Reviews: Patterns and Impact
2014 Erin McDonnell Fairness and Pricing: Historical Shifts and Demographic Differences in the Evaluation of Moral Behavior in the Market
2014 Kinoshi Nishikawa Race Matter: Book Design and the Textual Condition of African American Literature
2014 Sylwia Ptasinska Dosimtery of Cold Atmospheric Plasmas for Medical Applications
2014 Kimberly Rollings Assessing Effects of the Built Environment: Converging Efforts to Improve Health and Sustainable Design
2014 Jai Verma GaN/AIN Quantum Dot deep-UV LEDs
2013 Susanta Behura Role of MicroRNAs in Vector Competence of Aedes aegypti
2013 Ying Cheng Variable-Length Cognitive Diagnostics Adaptive
Testing Module for AP Statistics
2013 William Kremer 3D Printing of Ceramics for the Arts
2013 Steven Lugauer Quantifying the Age Distribution’s Effect on Employment by Age Group
2013 Alexander Mintairov Nano-optics of Wigner Molecules: Proof of their existence
2013 Ryan Roeder Exploration of Nanoparticle Contrast Agents for Spectral Computed Tomography
2013 Steven Ruggiero Optical Cancer Diagnostic Instrument
2013 Thanuka Wickramarathne Toward the Development of Novel Modeling and Data Fusion Methods for Complex Networks Embedding Dynamic Processes with External Influence
2013 Erliang Zeng The Initiative of Bioinformatic Development for Mining Genomic Patterns Corresponding for Ecological Adapting through Massive Microbial Whole Genome Sequences
2012 Dawn Gondoli Helping Adolescents with ADHD to Flourish: Enhancing Cognitive Functioning and Improving Family Relationships
2012 Mary Ellen Konieczny Serving God and Country: Religion and Citizenship at the United States Air Force Academy
2012 Lei Liu The Initiative of A Microfluidic Approach of Terahertz Chemical and Biological Sensing
2012 Emilia Justyna Powell Islamic Law and States’ Foreign Policy Behavior
2012 Gregory Ragland Testing for Mechanistic and Evolutionary Links between Changing Climates and Biological Responses: The Effects of Warming Winters on Insect Overwintering Physiology
2012 Satyajyoti Senapati Rapid, Quantifiable RNA Sensing Platform for Dengue Virus Identification
2012 James Sullivan Seed Grant for the Laboratory for Economic Opportunity
2012 Timothy Wright PrivacyRanger: A System for Visualizing and Managing Mobile Device Privacy
2011 Aimee Buccellato The Green Scale Research Project: Quantifying Truly Sustainable Design
2011 Matt Cain Proposal for Funding of Research on Private Equity Investments
2011 Gilberto Cárdenas The Gilberto Cárdenas Photographic Archives Project
2011 Christian Davenport Illustrative Information Interface
2011 Scott Egan Simultaneous Study of Directional and Stabilizing Selection in Replicated Populations: Variable Contributions of Individual Populations to Landscape Wide Patterns
2011 Jeffrey Feder Does Diversity beget Diversity? Sequential Speciation in a Tritrophic Community
2011 Luis Fernandez-Torres Reactions of 1-Adamantanethiolate and 1-Adamantaneselenolate with Transition Metals: Novel Pathway to Semiconductor Nanostructure Synthesis
2011 Hong Guo Would Carrier Competition Maintain the Neutrality of Mobile Net?
2011 David Hernandez Excavations in the Roman Forum at Butrint: The Archaeology of a Hellenistic and Roman Port in Epirus
2011 Yih-Fang Huang Forecast-Aided State Estimation for Smarter Grid
2011 Carlos Jerez-Farrán Sexual Violence and the Ethics of Subjective Desire in the Works of Dalí, García Lorca and Luis Buñuel
2011 Amanda McKendree Responding to Conflict: The Hope for Leadership and Learning
2011 Luc Reydams Between Heaven and Earth: The Human Rights Movement in the 21st Century
2011 Deb Rotman Historical Archaeology of Irish-American Identity and Ethnogenesis
2011 Ernesto Verdeja, Christian Davenport Mass Murder Incorporated: Understanding Security Forces and State Repression