Notre Dame Research Administration provides support to Notre Dame faculty and researchers, as well as staff who interact with researchers, for the management of grants and awards, including contract review and negotiation, transactional support, and more.


Notre Dame Research Administration (NDRA) provides support in reviewing, negotiating, and accepting research agreements on behalf of the University. In addition, Notre Dame Research Administration can generate sub-awards and research consulting agreements, as well as assist with project close out and reporting. 

Support is provided in the review and negotiation of the following types of research-related agreements:

  • Data Use Agreements (DUA)
  • Grants, Cooperative Agreements, Contracts, or Subcontracts
  • Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)
    • Incoming: i.e. ND is the Recipient Organization receiving materials from another entity.  These are facilitated by the NDRA Research Contracts Team.
    • Outgoing:  MTAs for which ND is providing materials to another entity are facilitated by the IDEA Center.  For these, please contact the IDEA Center Director of Contracts or Director of Business Development (email:  
  • Memoranda of Understanding (MOU)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) or Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA)
    • NDRA Research Contracts facilitates NDA/CDAs when the discussions involve potential sponsored research.
    • The IDEA Center facilitates NDA/CDAs when the discussions involve potential licensing of ND Intellectual Property (IP) (email:
  • Teaming Agreements

NDRA can also ensure a University Authorizing Official signs the agreements, which is required in almost every case of agreement of a research award. It is important to note that Principal Investigators (PIs) do not have the authority to sign these binding agreements.

Additionally, if a sponsoring agency, company, or collaborating institution suggests the establishment of an agreement such as those listed above, please email the Research Contracts Team at regarding negotiating the agreement to protect the interests of both the research program and the University.

Meet the Team

  1. Lori A. Flory

    Research Contracts Program Specialist

  2. Samantha Hauenstein

    Research Contracts Program Specialist

  3. Gregory Luttrell

    Research Contracts Director

  4. Kathleen Miller

    Research Contracts Program Manager

  5. Abbigail Rohmiller

    Research Contracts Program Manager

  6. Liz Rulli

    Associate Vice President for Research

  7. Jessica Stroud

    Senior Research Contracts Program Manager

Grants Program Management

NDRA supports its researchers in making changes to budgets, no cost extensions, projections on spending, and other project changes.

In order to ensure the appropriate approvals are in place, the Grants Program Managers will correspond with the principal investigator and the sponsors. The Grants Program Management Team will also ensure all information related to the grant is entered into the University’s system of record for research administration, Cayuse, and will support the principal investigator in the following ways, as required:

  • Establishing award budgets and accounts for grant expenditures.
  • Communicating the terms of the award and requirements to the research team.
  • Conducting launch meetings with the principal investigators to identify and coordinate project business needs.
  • Developing account projections and internal financial reporting for principal investigators in order to monitor and plan for grant expenditures.

The PI Portal provides the information needed to help manage sponsored program in an easy to use format. To learn more about using the Portal, please visit

Once the project has started, advice and assistance can be provided for many of the internal Notre Dame systems for purchasing and payment, such as:

NDRA can also act as a liaison to central offices, such as Human ResourcesPayroll, and Research and Sponsored Programs Accounting, and provide assistance with nearly every type of appointment, from postdoctoral scholars to non-tenure track faculty members.

Meet the Team

  1. Dante Brinkley

    Grants Program Management Director

  2. Shannon M. Buchmann

    Grants Program Manager

  3. Emily Case

    Grants Program Manager

  4. Photo of Raquel Cotuno is missing

    Raquel Cotuno

    Grants Program Manager

  5. Maria Harding

    Grants Program Manager

  6. Lori D. McDonald

    Grants Program Manager

  7. Jeffrey Pethick

    Senior Grant Financial Program Manager

  8. Jessica Reyes

    Grants Program Manager

  9. Liz Rulli

    Associate Vice President for Research

  10. Jessica Schiller

    Grants Program Manager

  11. Photo of Sara Skiles is missing

    Sara Skiles

    Grants Program Manager

  12. Cortney Swift

    Grants Program Manager

  13. Photo of Sunny Thompson is missing

    Sunny Thompson

    Grants Program Manager

  14. Katrina Wicks

    Grants Program Manager

Need More Information?

For more information on any of the budgeting and reporting services or to request one-on-one consultation for complex grants please contact your designated Grants Program Manager or email Please also review Frequently Asked Questions about Award Management.

For relevant forms, codes, and policies, please visit the Resource Library