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Commitment to International Collaboration & Scholarship

Notre Dame Research is committed to supporting researchers in their pursuit of globally significant, solutions-oriented research discoveries, contributions, and creative endeavors. International collaboration and scholarship across borders are essential to the vital interchange of ideas that feeds research and advances human understanding. To that end, we welcome scholars and students from around the world into the Notre Dame Research community and we value the insight and diversity of thought that each brings to his/her work and to our community at large.

In recent years, many federal sponsors have tightened their reporting and compliance requirements for funding recipients in regards to engagements with foreign entities and individuals—both abroad and in the United States. Of primary concern are research funding, gifts, and collaborations with foreign actors that are intended to improperly “influence” research and have the potential to undermine the national and economic security of the United States, as well as the integrity and future success of the U.S. research enterprise.

There are four main areas of concern as outlined by the Whitehouse Office of Science and Technology Policy in 2020:

  • Confidentiality of the peer review process
  • Loss of intellectual property
  • Transparency in disclosure of foreign support or affiliations
  • Compliance with regulations, including export control

Finding an appropriate balance between effective monitoring and oversight in these areas while maintaining an open and welcoming campus and supporting the principles of academic freedom present a complex challenge to U.S. colleges and universities. Please refer to this message from Vice President for Research, Robert Bernhard, for an overview of Notre Dame’s response to growing concern about “undue foreign influence” and the responsibilities of researchers.

Researchers at all stages are encouraged to educate themselves via the new NDRA training module on “Undue Foreign Influence & Research Security. Adequate understanding by the research community helps preserve and strengthen the research reputation of the University and to protect important work from unwarranted scrutiny. 

Access the Module 

  1. Log-in through Notre Dame using Okta: enuggetlearning.com/login/saml/ND_okta_NDRtraining
  2. Click "Register Now" and confirm registration for "Module 3: Undue Foreign Influence & Research Security"
  3. Then visit enuggetlearning.com/NDRtraining/ht/46819 to begin the module

Undue Foreign Influence & Research Security Working Group

A cross-functional committee formed in May 2019, Notre Dame’s Undue Foreign Influence and Research Security Working Group is comprised of stakeholders across campus who monitor the changes in regulations and update internal policies and procedures to comply with requirements from the United States Government. The working group’s primary objective is to ensure the careful stewardship of Notre Dame’s programs of research and scholarship while preserving the University’s enduring commitment to maintaining borderless collaboration and respecting and welcoming our international students and scholars. 


  • James Brockmole, Associate Dean for Research, Professor of Psychology, College of Arts and Letters
  • Dave Delgado, Research Security Program Director, Notre Dame Research
  • Tim Flanagan, Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel
  • Bert Hochwald, Professor of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Edward Jurkovic, Program Manager, Pulte Institute for Global Development
  • Leilani LaugerSenior Director, Information Security & Compliance, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Jun Li, Associate Professor, Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics, College of Science
  • Allan Loup, Assistant Program Director, Ethics, The Graduate School
  • Greg Lutrell, Director Research Contracts and Export Control Officer, Notre Dame Research Administration
  • Christine Maziar, Interim Provost, Office of the Provost
  • Laura McAleer, Associate Vice President for Federal and Washington Relations, Office of Public Affairs and Communications
  • Jonathan Noble, Senior Assistant Provost for Internationalization, Notre Dame International
  • David Ross, Senior Director Pre-Award Services, Notre Dame Research Administration
  • Liz Rulli, Associate Vice President, Notre Dame Research
  • James Thompson, Associate Vice President for Innovation and the Executive Director of Technology Transfer Office

Need More Information?

Please contact the Associate Vice President for Research for more information on the requirements for international research activities or the Undue Foreign Influence and Research Security Working Group.